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October 18, 2012


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I’ve posted here that I’ve been saving up for a MakerBot for a few years now (with a big setback due to unexpected medical costs). I’ve been slowly rebuilding the fund in anticipation of getting a ‘Bot some day.

Well, that day didn’t arrive today. But I did get a MakerBot, in a manner of speaking. I also got a CNC ShopBot, Epilog Laser Cutter, fully equipped electronics shop, quarter-million dollar water jet cutter, TIG/MIG/Plasma welding setup, industrial sewing shop, screen printing layout, vinyl cutter, CNC machine shop, etc, etc, etc.

Yup, I’m a TechShop member! The membership officially activates November 1st (I’m too busy now to do much with it until then) but I start taking classes as soon as I can schedule them.

I’m just giddy that I’ll be able to use all this cool stuff. And as the shop is still in its formative stages (it just opened), there are only a hundred or so members there, so hopefully scheduling won’t be too bad. I do know that since I have much more freedom to schedule things during the day I should be able to pick some off-prime times.

Erin and I are already compiling a list of things to make around the house, and I’m already hatching plans on how the TechShop is going to affect this years’ prop building endeavors. Win-win!

Full of win.

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