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March 31, 2013


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“Freedom to order our own conduct in the sphere where material circumstances force a choice upon us, and responsibility for the arrangement of our own life according to our own conscience, is the air in which alone moral sense grows and in which moral values are daily recreated in the free decision of the individual.”

Friedrich A. von Hayek,

Happy Easter

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“Make no mistake: if He rose at all
it was as His body;
if the cells’ dissolution did not reverse, the molecules
reknit, the amino acids rekindle,
the Church will fall.

It was not as the flowers,
each soft Spring recurrent;
it was not as His Spirit in the mouths and fuddled

eyes of the eleven apostles;
it was as His Flesh: ours.

The same hinged thumbs and toes,
the same valved heart
that — pierced — died, withered, paused, and then

regathered out of enduring Might
new strength to enclose.

Let us not mock God with metaphor,
analogy, sidestepping transcendence;
making of the event a parable, a sign painted in the
faded credulity of earlier ages:
let us walk through the door.

The stone is rolled back, not papier-mache,
not a stone in a story,
but the vast rock of materiality that in the slow
grinding of time will eclipse for each of us
the wide light of day.

And if we will have an angel at the tomb,
make it a real angel,
weighty with Max Planck’s quanta, vivid with hair,
opaque in the dawn light, robed in real linen
spun on a definite loom.

Let us not seek to make it less monstrous,
for our own convenience, our own sense of beauty,
lest, awakened in one unthinkable hour, we are
embarrassed by the miracle,
and crushed by remonstrance.”

–John Updike

March 30, 2013

We’re All CVS Employees Now

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We’re All CVS Employees Now

Starting in 2014, per the dictates of the federal government, your doctor must record your body mass index (BMI), which measures whether you are overweight, each time he or she treats you and turn it over to the government via your electronic health record, which every patient is required to have. Your BMI will then be tracked by the Health and Human Services Department, the agency rolling out ObamaCare, and a bevy of other state and federal agencies.

Shock and anger ensued this week as CVS employees learned that if they didn’t turn over that information to their insurers, they’d be fined. But CVS is merely rolling out what may become one of the most controversial aspects of ObamaCare a little ahead of schedule.

One needs only to look to Europe to see how our political elites will use ObamaCare, and the BMI weight measure they are so determined to record for each of us, to intrude into and regulate not just our health care, but our lives.

In the U.K., overweight patients or those who smoke are branded “undeserving” and denied treatments like cataract surgery (without which they could eventually go blind) and knee and hip surgery, leaving some who don’t qualify for the surgery in agonizing pain. Some of the U.K.’s “trusts,” which regulate the national health care system for various zones of the country, go farther, denying all operations to those who don’t meet the government’s weight dictates except for lifesaving surgery on their hearts, brains or to remove cancer.

A recent study shows that a majority of the U.K.’s doctors think the national health system should go farther still and deny all non-emergency care to patients who don’t meet certain weight and health criteria. By law, they still must pay for their health care, of course, even though they are denied the ability to get treatment.

We passed it, now we’re finding out what’s in it. It’s not so pretty.

Comment seen online: “Even if it bankrupts America, we have the moral obligation to provide everyone with health insurance.” To which I asked “what then“? Never did receive and answer.

March 28, 2013

Unanswered Questions for Uncle Walt

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12 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer About “Beauty And The Beast”

In Their Own Words

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State Rep. Joe Mitchell, D-Mobile, had an outlandish exchange via email with a Jefferson County man who asked him and other lawmakers not to pass any laws that would restrict gun ownership.

Eddie Maxwell sent a mass email to state legislators at 10:54 p.m. on Jan. 27, warning them that even attempting to introduce a gun control bill was, in his opinion, a violation of state law.

Mitchell responded from his public, email account at 11:59 p.m., telling Maxwell: “Your folk never used all this sheit (sic) to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed (sic), imported criminal-minded kin folk.”

“That’s not the type of reply I expect to receive from a state legislator,” Maxwell replied on Feb. 11. “I’m not a racist and I find your reply to be especially offensive considering the position you hold.”

This from an elected representative.

That national conversation on guns is sure going well.

March 27, 2013

The Looter Economy and Government Money

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The editorialists talk about the income gap and how much wealth is held by the top 1 percent of the country, but they are leaving something out. Their statistics deal with individuals, not institutions. And it is institutions which threaten our liberties, not individuals….

Do you know of any company in America where for a mere few billion, you could become the CEO of a company whose shareholders would be forced to sit back and watch for four years while you run up trillion dollar deficits and parcel out billions to your friends? Without going to jail or being marched out in handcuffs. A company that will allow you to indulge yourself, travel anywhere at company expense, live the good life, and only work when you feel like it. That will legally indemnify you against all shareholder lawsuits, while allowing you to dispose not only of their investments, but of their personal property in any way you see fit.

There is only one such company. It’s called the United States Government.

As citizens we are all shareholders in this company. Any shareholder that supports or votes in favor of actions that hurt the long term stability and economic interests of our shared company is responsible for the problems to come.

Read the whole thing:

Sultan Knish: Government Money

March 26, 2013

Maybe Henry Bemis Has Them

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Where are all the books?

March 21, 2013


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March 20, 2013


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Printed Machine with Concrete by 3DTOPO – Thingiverse:”This is a printable version of Machine with Concrete. The sculpture is a series of twelve 50:1 worm gears, with each gear reducing 1/50th of the previous gear. With 12 gears, the final gear ratio is a mind boggling 244,140,625,000,000,000,000 : 1 (244.14 quintillion to 1). With the first gear spinning at 200RPM it would take over 2 TRILLION years for a single revolution at the end of the machine, so the final drive shaft can be embedded in concrete or plaster.”

“With just 1 foot-pound input, it would develop 244.14 quintillion foot pounds of torque!!! Of course, no known material could survive that kind or torque without tearing itself to shreds.”

March 19, 2013

Robot Warrior

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MAKE | Charles Guan: Build Your Everything Really Really Fast

March 18, 2013


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“Progress by its very name indicates a direction; and the moment we are in the least doubtful about the direction, we become in the same degree doubtful about the progress.”

G.K. Chesterton

March 17, 2013

Wet Tech

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Cheap, clean water may soon be available for the whole planet


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The last twenty seconds is epic.

March 15, 2013

Just Do It

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52 Things 52 Weeks | Just a girl trying new things.

I love the idea behind this blog. From shooting a shotgun to petting a chicken to belly dancing, this intrepid blogger is trying out a new thing every week. Good for her! It’s inspiring.

March 10, 2013

The Lowest Form of Human

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IT’S COME TO THIS: ‘Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act’ proposed in Maryland. “A Maryland state senator has crafted a bill to curb the zeal of public school officials who are tempted to suspend students as young as kindergarten for having things — or talking about things, or eating things — that represent guns, but aren’t actually anything like real guns.”

And I love this: “The bill also includes a section mandating counseling for school officials who fail to distinguish between guns and things that resemble guns.” Seems fair. We’re always told that public education is important because it fosters critical thinking, but critical thinking seems to be in short supply among public educators.

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March 6, 2013


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Never thought I’d spend seven hours watching C-Span.

Can We Humans Build Cities That Don’t Freak Us Out?

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Can We Humans Build Cities That Don’t Freak Us Out?: “If you condensed all 200,000 years of humanity’s existence into a one hour-long video and then played it back, you would have to wait 58 minutes for people to build their first city-like habitat–a honeycomb-like mud-brick town of 5,000 in present-day Turkey. Half a minute later, you’d see another city, in Iraq, surge to 50,000 people, and 45 seconds after that, Egypt’s Alexandria would swell by another factor of ten, to 500,000. With just two seconds to go in the movie, London’s population would skyrocket to 5 million–another order of magnitude–just as all the rest of the developed world began to erupt in a frenzy of urbanization. During the last half of the last second, the developing world would follow. “

March 5, 2013

The Window Seat

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A domestic airline flight from taxi to arrival. Pretty cool.
It’s Whittle but no politics, so you’re safe, D. 🙂

March 4, 2013

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Disney Stops Thinking About Tomorrow

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