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May 1, 2013

Next Step: Smartblood(tm)

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Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing

Nullified. Boom.

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South Carolina State House Votes to Nullify Obamacare, 65-39 – Tenth Amendment Center Blog

Good to see some states stepping up to the plate. We’re a Federalist Republic. Too much emphasis on that first word the past century. It’d be nice to see the “Republic” part come to the fore for a while.

Parents of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing your young child has ever said to you? : AskReddit

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Comments from future psychos

Okay, I debated whether or not to post this. I’m just glad I’m reading it during the daytime. Example post:

“Go back to sleep, there isn’t anything under your bed”.

“He’s behind you now”.

Still haven’t gotten over that one and shiver at the memory.

Yeah…. I think I’m going to stop reading these now.

Color 3D

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BotObjects announces first full-color desktop 3D printer

A Boy and His Atom

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This is officially the world’s tiniest stop-motion film


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