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May 2, 2013


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Being mean isn’t humourous. Yes, people say stupid things out of ignorance or lazy mental habit. People wear odd looking clothes for reasons often known only to them. But I’m just so tired of this school of thought reigning supreme now, this idea that casual cruelty is clever. Why do we think highlighting the frailties or even simple differences of other human beings is an okay thing? Is it because on the Internet we have become so used to going to “real people” for entertainment that we forget that the folks in YouTube videos and shopping at thrift stores are not characters in a movie called Everyday Life?

For whatever reason I’m just over it. I really am. I’m ready for humour to be something I can laugh at without hurting another person. Because even if they don’t know you’re laughing at them, that spirit of cruelty hangs in the air. It hardens you, callouses your soul. I’d like for us all to stop being casual bullies for the purposes of our own amusement.

Coble nails it.


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