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May 8, 2013

Earth’s Belly Button

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When Earth is Scarred Forever

Hmmm… Now Which Way is that Enemy Gate?

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Can’t wait for this!


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How The World’s First 3-D Printed Gun Works | Popular Science

Yeah, this isn’t going to cause any controversy.

God Bless Johnny Cash

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One Piece at a Time. Classic.

But That Piece of Paper Was Supposed to Fix All Our Problems

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Study: Giving People Government Health Insurance May Not Make them Any Healthier

Again, I go to the comment I saw online a few years ago:

“Even if it bankrupts our economy, it is our moral obligation to make sure everyone has health care/insurance”.

Bankrupting begun. What exactly did we get for the bill other than a smug sense of moral superiority? You can’t run an economy on self-satisfaction.


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What It’s Like to Live on a Ship Sailing Through the Antarctic Ice

Great video at the link

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