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May 22, 2013

Great Advice

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“Never Just Remember How to Do Something, Understand How It Works”: “When you know how to do something, you have a skill. When you understand how something works, you can alter that knowledge and adapt it for your best uses. This gives you confidence and the ability to grow. It’s also the best piece of advice developer Matrin Rue received from his grandfather. He explains its importance:

If you simply remember how to do something, then all you can do is use it the same way over and over, but if you understand how it works, you can reason about it. Once you can reason about something in your mind you can contemplate why it is the way it is, you can apply your entire creative mind to making the most of it, and you can implement and question improvement – you own it intellectually. Information only gets you so far. Learn how things work and you can expand upon them infinitely.”

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Pale Blue Dot

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10 Iconic Images of the Earth from Space «TwistedSifter: “10 Iconic Images of the Earth from Space”

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Pounds Another Nail Into the Keynesian Coffin

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Pounds Another Nail Into the Keynesian Coffin: “Assuming Cook chose to expose all of Apple’s earnings to U.S. taxation he would not only have been fired, but it’s also the case that the revolutionary creator of iPhones and iPads would have less in the way of funds to access in order to continue to innovate.”

Use Your Hands

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10 Tools Every Kid Should Learn to Use – Popular Mechanics: “Start ’em young. If you want to raise a self-reliant kid, get these tools into their hands. “

God Save Helen Mirren

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Helen Mirren ‘knights’ dying ten-year-old boy after actress fulfills his wish to dress as the Queen and come round for tea: “Dame Helen Mirren has granted the dying wish of a ten-year-old boy by dressing up as the Queen and having him round for tea. Oliver Burton is facing his third battle with cancer and top of his bucket list was a visit to Buckingham Palace. But when the real Queen said she would not be able to meet the youngster, a limo was arranged so he could meet Dame Helen instead. “

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