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May 29, 2013

See Yourself

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We choose to put a webcam on the Moon in this decade and do the other things: “A telescope that is set to launch to the moon in 2015 will allow the public to go on the Internet and view the Earth from the lunar surface. The privately funded telescope, known as the International Lunar Observatory precursor (ILO-X), was designed and built by Silicon Valley-based Moon Express Inc. … ‘We want to win the Google Lunar X prize so that is somewhat driving our schedule,’ Richards said, adding his customers want Moon Express to land on the moon before the end of 2015. ‘So I would say sometime in mid-to-late 2015 is when we’d be looking at.’”

Holy celestial viewings, Batman. What an age.

South Portland doctor stops accepting insurance, posts prices online

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South Portland doctor stops accepting insurance, posts prices online: “‘It’s been almost unanimous that patients have expressed understanding at why I’m doing what I’m doing, although I’ve had many people leave the practice because they want to be covered by insurance, which is understandable,’ Ciampi said.

Before the switch, Ciampi had about 2,000 patients. He lost several hundred, he said. Some patients with health coverage, faced with having to seek reimbursement themselves rather than through his office, bristled at the paperwork burden. But the decision to do away with insurance allows Ciampi to practice medicine the way he sees fit, he said. Insurance companies no longer dictate how much he charges. He can offer discounts to patients struggling with their medical bills. He can make house calls.

‘I’m freed up to do what I think is right for the patients,’ Ciampi said. ‘If I’m providing them a service that they value, they can pay me, and we cut the insurance out as the middleman and cut out a lot of the expense.’…

Before, Ciampi charged $160 for an office visit with an existing patient facing one or more complicated health problems. Now, he charges $75.

Patients with an earache or strep throat can spend $300 at their local hospital emergency room, or promptly get an appointment at his office and pay $50, he said.

Ciampi collects payment at the end of the visit, freeing him of the time and costs associated with sending bills, he said.

That time is crucial to Ciampi. When his patients come to his office, they see him, not a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner, he said.

“If more doctors were able to do this, that would be real health care reform,” he said. “That’s when we’d see the cost of medicine truly go down.””

The market at work without the distortions of our messed up insurance system.

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