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June 1, 2013

Starve the Beast

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“…if it’s not stopped now it will never stop. Because every four years you can get yourself a new president and a new White House, but you won’t easily get yourself a whole new administrative state. It’s there, it’s not going away, not anytime soon. If it isn’t forced back into its cage now, and definitively, it will prowl the land hungrily forever.”

Why this scandal is different

If you’re a partisan who hated the last guy for what he was doing wrong but havn’t been equally noisy about the current administration then methinks you weren’t actually mad at all six years ago. You just wanted your guy to be in charge.

UPDATE: For an incomplete list of what needs to be fixed, go here. Second half of the article in particuar.

The Economics of the Situation

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Police selling guns from buyback program: “Police selling guns from buyback program”

So let me get this straight. Police department says “bring in your guns and we’ll buy them back for pennies on the dollar.” Maybe a gift card, maybe cash, whatever. Their stated purpose is to “get the guns off the streets”.

Then the police take the guns and sell them to a pair of licensed gun dealers for resale.

“There’s value in these guns,” Lamkin said. “They’re not illegal guns. Quite honestly, it’s a bottom line for us.”

Heh. You don’t say.

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