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June 10, 2013

Death by Chocolate

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Yeah, these are getting made soon.



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Edward Snowden, NSA agent (probably former NSA agent by now) comes out as the leaker of the NSA documents last week.

From what he’s saying now it looks like the Banshees had a reason to be screaming, you know? Sorry. Just looks like that from here, and it’s all the info those of us on the outside have to go on.

The Little Rover that Could

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The Opportunity Mars Rover Just Won’t Die – Popular Mechanics: “The rover rolls its way across a barren red sea. It has just finished a geologic survey of Mars’s massive Endeavor crater–finding more proof of the planet’s watery past–and already has its eyes set on the next landmark.

No, this isn’t Curiosity, the $2.5 billion dollar extra-planetary playboy that landed last August. This is Opportunity, its older, meeker, and pared-down cousin. By most measurements, Opportunity is less impressive. Well, with one exception: It will not die.

Opportunity is just a month shy of its 10-year launch anniversary, and the rover is still active.”

Good engineering, that.

To Die For

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A Disney Haunted Mansion dinner experience that’s out of this world. Incredible.

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