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August 1, 2013

3D Printing an Aston Martin

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MAKE | 3D Printing an Aston Martin:

“This sort of project is not uncommon, but people usually use get the plug CNC-cut out of foam. I was told to expect $12K to $15K NZD for a CNC-cut plug, which nearly killed the project idea but, somehow, I had the thought to look into 3D printing as an alternative and, after researching it, it was only going to cost me $2K in plastic and the cost of the printer, which I can use for other things like making a replica dash and what not. Also, with printing, I could do the doors, bonnet, boot, dash as separate plugs, which will make a better (or at least easier) body shell.”

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A 3-D Printer Can Pay For Itself In Less Than A Year | Popular Science

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A 3-D Printer Can Pay For Itself In Less Than A Year | Popular Science: ”

Routine questions for the makers of desktop 3-D printers: ‘what do you do with this thing?’ and ‘why would you want one?’ A study from Michigan Technical University answered that with some math: the researchers found that you could recoup the up-front cost of a 3-D printer in less than a year. The researchers used a RepRap printer and printed about 20 household items, from shower rings to iPhone cases, and found that the total cost of material swas about $18. (It’s a bit of a change from this cool stuff.) The ‘lowest retail cost we could find for the same items online was $312 and the highest was $1,943,’ said Joshua Pierce, one of the researchers. The study projected that a 3-D printer could could save consumers between $300 and $2,000 a year.”

A lot of assumptions in that conclusion (see the article for what they are), but it’s instructive and encouraging taht 3D printing is holding onto its life and becoming more useful (and not, as I had feared, become a fad like 3DTV or Virtual Reality).

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