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August 19, 2013

Future Ruler

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About Time

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Creator of xkcd Reveals Secret Backstory of His Epic 3,099-Panel Comic:

“The obsessive devotees of the comic-within-a-comic created a discussion thread that exceeded 1,300 pages, a ‘Time’-specific wiki, and even a glossary of the lexicon they invented to describe the world of ‘Time’ and their experiences with it. While they refer to Munroe simply as ‘OTA’ (the One True Author), a ‘newpic’ (plural: ‘newpix’) is defined as the unit of time that elapses between updates, also known as ‘outsider minutes.’ True to its name, ‘Time’–where a single step could last an hour, and a night could span multiple real-life days–took on its own internal sense of chronological speed: glacially slow for animation, but imbued with a continual sense of motion that felt utterly unique for a comic.

After more than four months of hourly updates, the journey finally came to an end last week, and the final product is 3,099 panels long–so long that the Youtube video compiling them (above) runs more than 40 minutes from start to finish. Even better, Munroe is finally talking about the elaborate backstory behind the minimalistic and seemingly ancient world of ‘Time,’ which he reveals…”

Reveals what? Reveals what?!?! Well, to answer that you can either read the rest of the article at the link or watch through the comic at your own pace here and then read the back story.

Randall Munroe is simply brilliant. Taking nothing more than stick figures and science and weaving them into a career that captivates geeks and novitiates alike. What a thing…

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