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August 29, 2013


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“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” – Miles Kington

Tower Man

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Guy builds a tower. Because, why not? After seeing it, I’ll bet you want one too.

“Aside from the personal reward in seeing the progress each day, there is the sense of achievement you get when working on a project,” he says.

“I think my most exciting moment was when I had finished the top floor and I got a chair up there and I just sat down and looked out from my tower. The rest of it was not really sorted and I had mess everywhere, but that was when it became very real.

“I just sat up there and thought ‘this is fantastic – I made it.’ It’s a great feeling.”

Lots of pics at the link.

Sorry, Miley

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Sorry, Miley:

“Miley’s just doing what she likely suspects she needs to do in her business: Shock people. She’s grown up watching, say, Britney writhe with a snake on the very same awards show, so it’s hard to blame her if she’s surprised by the universally negative reaction. She’s doing what she thought we wanted.

The problem, this time, is that our society feels like it knows her, knows her backstory, knows she’s someone’s daughter, and isn’t able to forget it. Other women, like the ones on stage with Miley, the ones no one is complaining about? Well, we can sexualize them, reduce them to toys lacking a story, but this girl? We know her dad!

Kids don’t need more kids. They know plenty of them. Kids need adults, actual adults, adults adult enough to reject a culture that is so bored, so dead, that it can only feel alive if given one more jolt, one more shock. And it’s hard to shock, anymore, but Miley hit that mark.”

Glad I missed the performance. Sad that we continue down this well-trod road. Read the whole post at the link above. It’s worth it.

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