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September 13, 2013

Far Out

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Scientists confirm Voyager 1 probe is in interstellar space – Yahoo News:

“After 2020, scientists expect they will have to start turning off instruments, until around 2025 when the probes will be completely out of power and fall silent.

Voyager 2, which is heading out of the solar system in another direction, has five to seven more years before it reaches interstellar space, said Donald Gurnett, a longtime Voyager scientist at the University of Iowa.

‘We’re in a truly alien environment,’ Zank said. ‘What Voyager is going to discover truly beggars the imagination.’

The two Voyager probes, which were both launched in 1977 to study the outer planets of the solar system, contain gold phonographic records etched with music, greetings, sounds and images from Earth”

You Don’t Say?

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15 Journalists Have Joined Obama Administration

: “According to the Atlantic, Time managing editor Rick Stengel’s decision to join the Obama administration is just the latest example of a new trend among mainstream media journalists who are making it official by officially joining the Obama administration.”

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