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September 25, 2013

The Science Guy

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The Man Who Gets The Science Right On ‘The Big Bang Theory’:

“Saltzberg also reviews scripts in progress. They arrive with unfinished dialogue and brackets reading, ‘Insert Science Here.’ He fills in the blanks, as in an episode where Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a puffed-up theoretical physicist, keeps bumming rides from a neighbor.

‘She couldn’t understand why Sheldon never got a driver’s license,’ Saltzberg explains. When she asks what Sheldon was doing at age 16, when everyone else was learning to drive, he answers, as per Saltzberg, ‘Examining perturbative amplitudes in N=4 supersymmetric theories, leading to a reexamination of the ultraviolet properties of multiloop N=8 supergravity, using modern twistor theory.’

As it happens, that’s ‘a real, important project that one of my friends is working on,’ Saltzberg says.”

Sounds like a gig Matt would like.

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