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September 25, 2013

The Silence of the Wolves

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“[N]ot a single network bothered to report the stunning news that night or Tuesday morning that Lerner, as the Washington Times reported, “retired from the agency Monday morning after an internal investigation found she was guilty of ‘neglect of duties’ and was going to call for her ouster, according to congressional staff.”


So to summarize- an official very high up in the IRS is accused of using her position to unfairly targeting certain groups of Americans for political reasons. This same official is called before Congress to testify and takes the 5th Amendment in response. Then, stunningly, that official announces her resignation, and the broadcast media doesn’t report it.

Does this seem like responsible journalism to you?

Fix the media and you fix the country.


Ted Cruz, Wendy Davis and media bias:

“When a Democrat like Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis filibusters against abortion restrictions, she is elevated to hero status, her tennis shoes become totems. When Cruz grandstands against Obamacare, he is a laughingstock in the eyes of many journalists on Twitter, an ’embarrassment’ in the eyes of The New York Times editorial board…After Davis’s filibuster in June, she got a glowing Vogue profile and was interviewed by nearly every major network and show that deemed her the new superstar from the Lone Star.”

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