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September 26, 2013

Earl Grey, Hot

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“Considering the multi-year war on the Tea Party by Democrats, many Republicans, and the media, it is astounding that the Tea Party continues to stay more or less even in its support over the past two years. A 2% drop is hardly meaningful, and could just be variations within the margin of error in the poll, which was +/- 3%.

Also consider that half the electorate has no opinion one way or the other. So put it another way, almost 3/4 of the American electorate is not opposed to the Tea Party!

Think about it another way, if you were at a dinner table with four other people who represented the American electorate, one of the people at the table would be a Tea Party supporter. And two others would have no opinion.”

Change indeed. That’s because once people recognize that Tea Party people are not mouth-breathing racist KKK members and just want a sane and sustainable fiscal government with pretty libertarian dont-hurt-anyone-or-bug-me-and-I-dont-care-what-you-do attitudes, they realize that maybe the picture that has been painted for them is a little, shall we say, biased. Good to know that people are coming around.

From the comments:

Just to let you know: the group “TEA Party supporter” is not, and never has been, limited to capital “C” Conservatives, or Republicans. The Democratic Party at the national level has done their damndest to make that accusation stick, mainly because they are afraid of being replaced, a fear they share with the Republican Party at the national level.

The TEA Party platform was designed to span the American political spectrum.

Don’t interfere with my life
Get out of debt
Government shouldn’t spend more than it makes
Apply the laws equally to everyone.

Yeah, sounds pretty radical. I can see why folks would be against that.

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