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October 10, 2013


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“How can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn’t work?”
John Boehner

Fair point. Answered with….crickets.


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30 Amazing Behind The Scenes Movie Moments

Best shot: Indiana Jones and the Plywood Ark:


Just Words

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Obamacare Snake Oil:

“Obamacare, recall, was sold with a specific set of political promises: The new regime, advocates insisted, would reduce the deficit, cover the needy, and reduce total health spending — all while lowering the premiums of those who were already insured. Back in 2007, when Obama was running for the Democratic nomination, he introduced what was then an embryonic proposal with the quixotic assurance that, “if you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums.” Then he adumbrated what would happen to the “amount of money” that Americans would “spend on premiums.” “That will be less,” Obama told anybody who would listen.

In case you’re wondering, that’s “less” in the classical sense of the word, as opposed to in the sense of “more,” or “well, that depends on who you are.” Likewise, just so we’re painfully clear: When the president said that he was talking about people who “already have health insurance,” he meant that he was talking about people who already had health insurance. This is not a matter of opinion or a subjective piece of literary criticism. It is a fact. In plain language that he intended listeners to take at face value, Obama established a hypothesis — one that can be easily tested. He must be held to it…

…Hearing stories like this, it is tempting for conservatives to say, ‘I told you so.’ Indeed many have. But one does have to feel a little sorry for the duo. After all, they have heard incessantly from their ideological fellow-travelers the oft-repeated claim that this wasn’t going to happen. There weren’t supposed to be winners and losers; instead, they were advised by fellow Californian Nancy Pelosi that ‘everybody will have lower rates, better quality care, and better access,’ and by President Obama that ‘for those who have insurance now, nothing will change under the Obama plan — except that you will pay less.’ What were trusting citizens supposed to conclude?”

Read the whole thing. A very damning article that does the inarguable: revisits specific promises, repeatedly made, and holds them up to the harsh light of reality. Indeed, if we hadn’t been repeatedly told these things, there would have been no debate over the ACA because there would have been no chance that it would have passed. Now that it’s here, and ruinously expensive and disfunctional, it is fair and appropriate to hold the promises that were made up to the harsh light of what was actually delivered.

If what was delivered is so off the mark from what was promised, it is reasonable to demand a reconsideration of the legislation. When laws don’t work as advertised, they can be changed or deleted. Taking such a position is neither unreasonable nor should it be unexpected. Indeed, it is responsible leadership to do so.

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