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October 16, 2013

Civil Disobedience: Citizens Pushing Back

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Civil Disobedience: Citizens Pushing Back: “There is a finely calibrated bargain at the heart of a republic: Citizens have a duty to obey the lawful and legitimate mandates of the government, including those with which they disagree, and the government has a duty to see to it that its actions are lawful and legitimate. The people have an obligation to be prudent and circumspect about engaging in civil disobedience, and the government has a responsibility to be scrupulous with its powers. That contract has been violated by the White House.”

By several recent White Houses, I would add. Only in asserting our power as the true owners of this country and demanding reforms and accountability that will stick (government leaders are not above the law, perp walks for any govt. official who breaks it– no matter how lofty a position–, demanding long term stability of our Republic) can we reasonably be expected to survive as a country. At the rate things are going don’t hold your breath.

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