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November 15, 2013


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My old Samsung ML1710 printer has been getting creaky lately. Leaving white streaks on the page and generally being cranky. I’ve used it since 2004 and it’s printed almost 30,000 pages. It was a $69 B&W printer I mainly use for printing sheet music and general printing. At $45 for a toner cartridge I’d say it was a good deal. I have a big, expensive HP color laserjet multifunction printer with scanner, fax, etc that outputs staggering quality but the color cartridges are very expensive so I try to reserve that for color business impress-the-client sorts of printing. That sucker was over $600 and worth every penny but it’s a bit expensive to feed. Hence the secondary “everyday” monochrome laser.

Since time and tech march on and instead of having the printer place troubleshoot it for $40, I went to Office Max tonight looking for a replacement (I’d checked Amazon but they didn’t have any good deals. Office Max will occasionally have great deals on all kinds of stuff. We got a phone set, our flat panel TV, and a few other things there. Always good to at least check, right?

Jackpot! I’d been looking at the Samsung ML2955ND on Amazon ($140) but decided I didn’t want to spend that much. O.M. had the exact same printer on the closeout section. No cable (no big deal since my old Samsung has the same cable) and it was the floor model. One very minor scuff mark that rubbed right off. Otherwise cosmetically perfect. I plugged it in and hit the self-test mode. Not only did it show 100% full toner but when it printed the demo page the pagecount said… three. Yup, a brand new model. It had only printed two pages before I came along.

Oh, and the price? Well, retail is $149. Amazon has it for $139. Office Max had this model marked down to $60. They felt bad that it didn’t have a power cord so they gave me another $10 off. Fifty bucks! For a fantastic little monochrome laser printer that should last another decade and thirty thousand pages. Inveterate deal-hound Patrick will be proud.

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