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December 26, 2013

View From the Trenches

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Blog: My Christmas Gift to the Obamas: “[New Mexico] has a well-functioning, user-friendly [health insurance] website, in contrast to Our call center gets you a human to talk to inside of two minutes. Our carriers’ prices are accurate and easily comparable, again unlike the FFM (federally facilitated market). Our increase in insurance premium costs is generally less than 10% higher than pre-Obama, in marked contrast to our one-over neighbor Nevada, where insurance prices have skyrocketed 179%.

The NM HIX has extensive educational outreach activities as well as slick (and expensive) marketing programs in the several languages of our multicultural state. We have ‘boots on the ground’ as navigators and in-person assisters as well as widely-distributed private insurance brokers with long-standing ties to their local communities.

With all this and having already spent or committed well over 50 million dollars, the number of individual New Mexicans who have signed up for Obama’s health insurance is… 291.

The NM HIX did everything right to sell Obamacare. The people are not buying. “

That’s because the ACA, as designed, is broken and unsustainable (much like our budget, social security, and medicare systems). But our leaders would rather score the short-term benefits of a politicized and divided polity than the long-term benefits of a sustainable system that actually works and is in line with basic American philosophical ideas.

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