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January 21, 2014

Click This

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Click this: All about mechanical keyboards and why you need one | PCWorld: “Keyboards are of two kinds: (1) the cheapo, no-name slabs that are bundled by the millions with PCs, and (2) the ones that are actually worth using—and in most cases, that’s a mechanical keyboard. Stalwart friend to gamers and power typists alike, the mechanical keyboard’s physical operation and durability make it the gold standard for computer use. It’s not the only option out there—good alternatives abound for wireless, ergonomic, and other purposes—but if nothing else, ditching that freebie is something everyone should do. Read on to learn more about why a mechanical keyboard should be in your future.”

Considering a replacement mechanical keyboard for when this old Mac white one gives up the ghost. It’s still going very strong but it’s diiiiirty, and I don’t want to take it apart to clean it lest I break something.

Erin’s new iMac has one of the thin profile keyboards and she likes it, but I’m stuck on this white clicky one. I can really move fast using it, and when you spend 10+ hours a day on a tool, getting one you really like, and that gets out of your way, is important. One of the reasons I still rock the Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro trackball. Love that thing. They’re out of production and replacements go for over $100 on ebay. Worth. It.

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