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February 2, 2014

Your Knowledge is Not Approved By The State

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California Cracks Down on Hacker Boot Camps | “Hacker boot camps have sprung up across the world in recent years, offering crash courses in the art and science of computer programming. These schools are particularly prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area, the heart of the tech world. And in a place where demand for coders just keeps going up, the schools are very popular. But now these Silicon Valley schools have a problem. Over the past month, California regulators sent cease and desist letters to many of these hacker boot camps, saying they run afoul of the state’s educational laws, as first reported by Venturebeat. ‘They’re not properly licensed, and the law requires them to be licensed to offer an educational service like they are,’ “

Later in the article it states that “They aren’t your traditional vocational schools. There are no grades, no degrees, and no diplomas. They’re usually staffed by professional coders, not licensed teachers. Many of the teachers are volunteers — even though the schools are usually private companies, not non-profit organizations”… so it’s not as if these hacker schools are misrepresenting themselves. Want to learn to code? Take a crash course in it from a hacker school. But because these places are operating outside of the bureaucratic control system they are being issued C&D letters and threatened with fines.

California should look at its own success rate with public education and instead of messing with these new ideas, try to learn from them. What a joke.

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