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February 9, 2014

Fast Times at Eighth Avenue High

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Fast Times at Eighth Avenue High:

“High school is an apt metaphor for the shenanigans inside the Times’ $850 million skyscraper at the corner of Fortieth Street and Eighth Avenue. The Times portrayed in Kurson’s article is not the established, serious, and competent institution of the liberal imagination. It is the Beverly Hills High School in Clueless, a cliquey and catty war of all against all, where the self-importance of the occupants masks deep insecurities. The next time our reporters and producers and anchors and bloggers affect an air of moral or social superiority, the next time they pretend to know the answers to every political and economic and cultural question, remember this: They are basically teenagers.”

Most of us got away from needing the approval of the Cool Kids back in high school.

10 Insanely, Incredibly Close Olympic Finishes

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10 Insanely, Incredibly Close Olympic Finishes:

“Cycling Road Race, 1964 Held over 194 kilometers (120 miles), the 1964 road race saw a spectacular finish in which Mario Zanin, (right) a mechanic from Italy, emerged from the pack with 20 meters to go and won by a wheel. The finish was so close that Sture Pettersson of Sweden crossed the line only sixteen-hundredths of a second behind Zanin, yet he ended up in 52nd place.”

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