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May 2, 2014

Tattle Tales

Filed under: Politics — jasony @ 10:45 am

Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, increasingly notify users of secret data demands after Snowden revelations – The Washington Post:

“Companies that have policies to notify users of government data collection say they make exceptions for cases of imminent danger to potential victims, especially if the safety of a child is at risk. In the vast majority of situations, however, users deserve to know who is collecting their data and why, the companies say. The exceptions, they say, should be decided by a judge — not by a company lawyer, and not by an investigator.

‘The intent is to make sure it’s not a rubber stamp,’ said Dane Jasper, chief executive of, an Internet and phone provider in California whose notification policy has won a star from EFF. ‘That way we’re not releasing customer information without due process.’”

Hard to argue with, and this would keep to a minimum the easy collection of data by the different organizations. Collecting this sort of stuff should be easy, not the sort of FISA court rubber stamping that’s been going on for, well, decades.

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