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May 7, 2014

If You Can Keep It

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Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim:

“There is a corruption at the heart of American politics, caused by the dependence of Congressional candidates on funding from the tiniest percentage of citizens. That’s the argument at the core of this blistering talk by legal scholar Lawrence Lessig. With rapid-fire visuals, he shows how the funding process weakens the Republic in the most fundamental way, and issues a rallying bipartisan cry that will resonate with many in the U.S. and beyond.”


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Beltway Hypnosis Syndrome:

“I hear it from half the callers on my talk radio shows. I read it in the comment sections of my favorite blogs. I see it from some of the most well-respected pundits on cable news.
Every time the discussion turns to anything outside the Washington Beltway or to any topic not related to the Democrat vs. Republican horserace narrative of ‘Who’s up and who’s down’ political gamesmanship I hear ‘It’s not important. We need to get back to the real issues America cares about.’
With all due respect, I have to ask, ‘Are you high?’”

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