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May 13, 2014

The Last Communist City

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The Last Communist City by Michael J. Totten, City Journal Spring 2014: “Cuba is short of everything but air and sunshine. In her book, Sánchez describes an astonishing appearance by Raúl Castro on television, during which he boasted that the economy was doing so well now that everyone could drink milk. ‘To me,’ Sánchez wrote, ‘someone who grew up on a gulp of orange-peel tea, the news seemed incredible.’ She never thought she’d see the day. ‘I believed we would put a man on the moon, take first place among all nations in the upcoming Olympics, or discover a vaccine for AIDS before we would put the forgotten morning café con leche, coffee with milk, within reach of every person on this island.’ And yet Raúl’s promise of milk for all was deleted from the transcription of the speech in Granma, the Communist Party newspaper. He went too far: there was not enough milk to ensure that everyone got some.”

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