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May 16, 2014

Well, Good

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Poll Shows Everyone Wants Investigation into Benghazi Except Reporters: ”

‘A majority (55 percent) of self-identified Democrats agree with the 67 percent of respondents who approve of the creation of a select committee to investigate the attacks. 66 percent of independent voters share interest in a thorough Benghazi investigation.

While Democratic voters disagree with the majorities who believe that both President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been dishonest with the public in regards to the attack, they clearly want answers to the many outstanding questions surrounding Benghazi. Even if they only seek those answers to exonerate the administration, this implies that even Democrats believe there are more details about the attack that have not yet been revealed to the public. That comes as a surprise only to those who refuse to acknowledge that there are outstanding questions relating to that attack.’ Which is to say, reporters.”

Good news. And even if the investigations show no sign of malfeasance on the part of the administration, it’s refreshing to hear that people are no longer just blindly buying the medias nothing-to-see-here approach.

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