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June 10, 2014

Lyrical Thermostat

Filed under: Technology — jasony @ 8:45 am

Pretty neat idea, though letting your thermostat know when you’re gone seems like a good avenue to hackers (of course, they could always, I dunno.. look at your driveway to see if the cars are there).

Honeywell’s Lyric brings geolocation to smart thermostats:

“The Lyric thermostat assumes that if your smartphone is at your house, so are you. You can register your family’s phones with the app, and it’ll use the geofencing features in iOS and Android to tell when everybody’s left for the day. Once you get within a few miles of your house, the thermostat springs back to life, heating or cooling your house so it’s at your preferred temperature (or at least getting there) as you stroll through the door.

The Fine Tune feature is pretty smart too. You know how sometimes the weather forecast has two temperatures: the real air temperature, and whatever it actually ‘feels’ like, adjusted for the wind chill or the heat index? The Lyric is programmed to make those same adjustments inside your house. Fine Tune factors not just the indoor temperature, but also what it’s like outside, and the humidity (the Lyric houses its own humidity sensor), so it can make adjustments like running your system’s fans more or bumping the temperature up or down a degree.”

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