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October 5, 2014

What Makes Jon Stewart More Insufferable Than Bill Maher

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What Makes Jon Stewart More Insufferable Than Bill Maher:

“But in my defense, I have a unique grievance against Stewart. I’m a Millennial, the age cohort that was raised with the Daily Show in their living rooms, and the most annoying thing about my generation is its infatuation with Stewart. At least once a week a news story about some outrage appears in my Facebook feed with a comment like: ‘I just NEED Jon Stewart to address this tonight,’ as though his one-liners are booster shots or security blankets. It’s not enough to shake your head and disagree anymore. Offenders must face the thumbs up from the emperor and the roar of the colosseum.”

While occasionally funny, Stewart has long since disproven his self-applied label of unbiased commentator and court jester of the status quo. Especially ironic given that he can’t stand his own tactics being applied to him.

It used to be that appreciation of Stewart illustrated an educated and cosmopolitan worldview. Now it merely betrays lazy and shallow thinking. Part of the herd. Moo.

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