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November 20, 2014

I Have Cool Friends

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Erin and I were watching Top Gear last night, which led to a YouTube special on the making of the Bugatti Veyron hypercar (a personal favorite of both of us). The special mentioned that the top speed was 250mph. They then said that the car could reach it in 17 seconds. SEVENTEEN.

What’s more, the unbelievably powerful braking system enabled the car to decelerate from top speed in TEN seconds. Holy g-forces, Batman.

So, I wondered how much space the car would cover if it went from zero to top speed and then immediately did a full force braking. Not having the math skills to answer this (musician, alas), I posed the question to Big Brained friend Matt (that’s “Dr. PHD in Physics/String Theory Matt to you, buster”) Robinson. He graciously answered my question, showing his work (at my request).

The math is great and easy to follow (and not as tough as I’d assumed). The answer to the question? Well, you’ll have to read it to see but, wow— that’s fast…

(linked below is a clickable PDF of his work because the blog won’t post his work with formatting):

Thanks, Matt!

Veyron Go Fast.pdf

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