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December 1, 2014

R2 Rockler Bearing!

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Just got the Rockler bearing (the 17″ diameter lazy susan bearing) that will act as the main bearing or R2’s dome. I have to disassemble it, clean it up, polish the inner track, and replace the stock metal bearings with 5/16th” acetal bearings from McMaster-Carr. Going on the hunt for those soon. I also have to set up an account with McMaster-Carr since I’ll be ordering all sorts of screws, washers, fasteners, and various droidey things from them.

This past weekend I also took a milling machine tramming and accuracy class at TechShop. I have ton to learn on the mill/metal lathe. I stopped by Metals4U in Round Rock (about 1/2 mile away!) and bought several hunks of 6061 aluminum for practice.

Finally, I did some research on anodizing services here and found a place that’ll anodize the frame in a nice dark blue. Unfortunately, they only do commercial customers. Fortunately, I pressed on to talk to the owner and when I said “I’m building an R2D2” she laughed and said “that sounds like fun! Okay, I’ll do it”. Hooray! The only other option was black and I kind of think blue will be cool. I’ll be laser etching a complex circuit pattern into the frame complete with Aurebesh text (the font used for the Star Wars language in the movies). Who knows what fun hidden messages will be in there?

Oh, I also got the PSI (process status indicator) LED circuit boards ordered today. They’re for the round colored windows on the dome. One in front, one in back:

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 4.28.10 PM.png

These parts won’t be used until either year 2 (Dome and Skin) or year 4 (electronics) but I found these circuit boards for a really good price online and wanted to grab them while I could.

Hopey Changey

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Instapundit: “Gallup: Under ObamaCare, Record Numbers Of Americans Foregoing Medical Care Because Of Cost. ‘One in three Americans has put off seeking medical treatment in 2014 due to high costs, according to Gallup — the highest percentage since Gallup began asking the question in 2001. Thirty-three percent of Americans have delayed medical treatment for themselves or their families because of the costs they’d have to pay, according to the survey. Obamacare, of course, had promised that it would help make health care more affordable for everyone, but the number of people who can’t afford a trip to the doctor has actually risen three points since 2013, before most Obamacare provisions took effect.’”

Crickets from the people who supported it.

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