The Big Think

December 13, 2014

Lathe Work

Filed under: The R2 Project — jasony @ 1:26 am

Finally confronted the great big Machine. The King of Tools: the machine shop lathe. I took the class last night and then went back in there tonight, broke out my notes, and went over that sucker one crazy, unmarked lever at a time. After spending almost five hours on it I managed to lathe out ten simple parts for R2 (the vertical support beams). It took me almost two hours to figure out the various chucks, stops, tool rests, etc. But once I got everything set up and zeroed out to 0.0000 inches I was able to reproduce parts that were spot on accurate with each other. Took a bit of doing (and a whole lot of careful moving), but I did it! It feels great to have tackled that one. And you know, it’s not really that hard after all. Just don’t turn the wrong handle the wrong direction at the wrong time and you won’t destroy the machine. 🙂

Easy, huh?


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