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January 15, 2015

James May’s Toy Stories The Motorcycle Diary

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A Meccano Motorcyle on the Isle of Man

More Frame Parts

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More waterjetting of the frame. I’ve taken a break from chart writing this week at night (usually starting around 6pm) and gone in to TechShop to cut some more frame parts. I managed to cut JAG 3, JAG 16, JAG 13 (2x), and JAG 11 (4x). I’m getting much more relaxed running the water jet since the various violent noises it makes are starting to seem normal to me. It’s always a little stressful running that machine since it’s the only TechShop machine that starts the billing clock when you hit the PUMP ON button. The trick is to cut for a whole 30 minutes as I did tonight. Then you just get inured to it, I guess.

Anyway, tonight I cut the curved JAG11 parts that serve as the frame for R2’s utility arms. There are four of them under the skin. I also cut the thin .125″ aluminum locking plates for his legs. I opted to leave off the 4 holes that would let R2 stand in two foot mode since I won’t ever do that (I hope).

Speaking of skins, I managed to slip in under the wire and order a set of R2 skins from a club up north. They’re one of the few parts that I won’t take the time to make myself. I could easily cut them from styrene but this is an all aluminum driod. Cutting them from aluminum sheeting is a very complex and expensive process that would take several trial and error tries to get right (each one taking up to 4 largeish sheets of aluminum). Plus they’d be really expensive to cut on the FlowJet since I don’t have access to a high powered laser. The price the club was asking, combined with the fact that they’ll be here in just a few days, made this one of the (hopefully very) few parts that I’ll have to purchase if I want to accomplish the goal of keeping R2 aluminum throughout.

In the meantime, here’s a picture from a couple nights ago of the current parts precariously balanced in position (thanks, Sean for the pic). Not pictured are the curved front pieces I cut tonight or the leg plates (they don’t have anything to sit on anyway since the large side mounts – the intimidating JAG04 parts – aren’t made yet.

It’s so cool to see my little robot coming together.


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