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January 20, 2015


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Major R2D2 delivery today (well, last Friday but nobody was home, then thanks to the holiday, I finally got them today). My R2D2 skins are here! They’re one of the few parts that I had to order as opposed to making and folks, are they beautiful. Up until now I’ve had nothing more than a pile of aluminum plate, some waterjet parts, a lazy susan, and a bunch of unsoldered circuit boards, plus a binder of blueprints and a whole lot of hope (and fear) that one day I’ll finish this crazy project.

Now that I can see these four beautiful aluminum skins it’s starting to feel a lot more real.

Note: Screen-accurate R2’s skin actually consists of a double layer of aluminum, front and back. So there are four skins total. This is to create the shadow lines when doors open and close and to have a lip behind each of the doors so that it’s 100% accurate.




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  1. Yes, I have to say it was extremely exciting to see those yesterday! 🙂 I love R2D2!!! Can’t wait to meet him!

    Comment by Erin — January 21, 2015 @ 11:12 am

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