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April 18, 2015


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More R2! Now that the show is over I’ve been busy teaching at TechShop and building a project for Baylor’s StuPro (a really cool CNC’ed progress board for the Sing groups). So I’ve been spending a lot of time at TechShop. The other day I got a few hours free while up there and decided to jump back on the mill to keep my meager milling skills sharp.

When you cut something on the Water Jet, you have to leave tiny tabs of metal connecting the part to the larger piece of stock. This is so parts don’t shift around while cutting or, worse, break free and sink in the tank. After the cut is done you have to break these tabs and remove the part. However, little sharp bits of these tabs are left behind on the part that must be dealt with. If you design the part right, the leftover tabs aren’t too big (maybe the size of a rice grain or slightly larger) and you can work them away with a file. But since I hadn’t been on the mill for a while I decided to take some time and remove them with that tool. Overkill? Sure, but logging time on the mill was worth it.

So I took 3 hours or so and sent about 10 parts– some large structural pieces, some support pieces– through the mill and removed the sharp little tabs. You can tell where my mill marks are because what is milled is freshly shiny and smooth aluminum (as opposed to the oxidized and rough cut from the Water Jet). But since these frame parts are going to be inside the frame and invisible I’m not too concerned. I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to clean things up later but my guess is that it won’t be an issue, and my plan to anodize the frame in the future will cover up a lot of issues anyway.

Next up: water jetting the main top “A” ring. It’s one of the biggest and most complex parts of the frame. I’ve been putting off doing this part because the water jet has been down and because it’s a rather long and expensive cut in a big (expensive) piece of aluminum. Fingers crossed.

Eating Out or Substance

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Shriveled grapes, shriveled liberty:

“Takings-clause jurisprudence is quite recondite. The government, however, says two contradictory things. It says the Hornes ‘acquired’ raisins and hence must either surrender a large portion of them — in some years, 47 percent — or pay huge fines. But it also says the Hornes do not have sufficient ownership of the raisins to raise constitutional objections.

The government says the Hornes voluntarily entered their raisins into the stream of commerce, so they must comply with the RAC’s raisin reserve requirement. But the Supreme Court has hitherto rejected the idea that a person must give a portion of his property to the government in order to purchase the government’s permission to engage in a lawful business transaction, such as selling a commodity. The government says its required contributions to the raisin reserve merely regulates raisin sales. The Hornes say it is not a mere regulation but an expropriation.

The government says it owes the Hornes nothing in exchange for the raisins they supposedly owe it, because they somehow benefit from the government’s manipulation of the raisin market. The Hornes say it would be unconstitutional for the government to come on their land to confiscate their raisins or the proceeds from their raisin sales, so it is unconstitutional to fine them for not complying with an unconstitutional requirement.”

Outdated laws should be deleted. Those who slavishly adhere to them in the interest of maintaining their bureaucratic organizations should be forced to look for another line of work. Eating out our substance indeed.

“District 12 shall continue to produce their quota of raisins”

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