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May 2, 2015

Board Meeting

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It’s done! As you may know, about a month ago I was commissioned by the Sing director (actually, her boss) to build a status board for Sing and Stomp Fest. They’d been using this:

Paper Sign.jpg

They went through multiple green markers every year. It was an adequate but sub-optimal solution.

So I met with them and we talked over what they needed. Same general design and layout but nicer looking. More professional. They gave me a budget and I was off.

It took about 60 hours to design the file for the grid and cut it on the CNC Shopbot at TechShop. Then I hand-laid in over three hundred individual pieces of mahogany and cut, sanded, and installed 317 3/4″ dowels. Then I laser cut large and small placards for each group (the small ones in case two groups combine). Tons of sanding, more details, and finally a laser etched storage box for the tiles and small green and red acrylic tags.

Yesterday Erin and I drove it up to Waco and showed it to Matt and Cheryl. They were thrilled! I’m so happy for their support and inclusion of me in this project. The status board is now hanging in the Student Productions office with a little (hand stamped by Erin) tag that says “Proudly made by Jason Young”. It was indeed!

Finished Sign.jpg

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