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May 7, 2015


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Back at it today milling up the other 8 vertical support posts. This time I knew exactly the sequence of cuts and moves to cut each part. I even optimized my movements around the lathe to speed things up (you get a lot of time to think of this sort of thing when you’re doing the same procedure over and over and over again).

Yesterday I took around 7 hours to cut 8 parts. Today? 4.5 hours. Boom. I finished and though “gee, I’m glad that’s over with”…. and then discovered that I still have 4 more left.

Ah well, at least I’m good at this!

I took the parts I’d done and did a little preliminary screwing together of the frame. It looks great! I’ll do the other 4 and then snap a picture.

Next up (after the 4 remaining rods) is to build a jig to place on the manual mill so that I can locate, drill, and tap each of the holes in the horizontal “rings”. Lots and lots of those little holes. I also have to countersink, which should be comparatively simple.

I spent a few minutes looking through the blueprints for (much) later steps. Legs, skirt, ankles, etc. Then I abruptly shut the pages and returned to what I’m focusing on. Way too many things I don’t know lurking out there in the future. Best figure one thing at a time out and not freak myself out.

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