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May 15, 2015


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Is Obamacare Working? Quarter Of Americans Who Bought Health Insurance On Exchanges Couldn’t Afford Medical Care:

“More than a quarter of adults who bought health insurance on exchanges created under Obamacare skipped important doctor visits and medical tests because they could not afford to pay, a study published Thursday by Families USA found. Among low- and middle-income adults, the proportion of people who avoided care was even higher, at nearly one-third.”

Health insurance is not health care, and the people implying that everything would be okay if everybody was forced to purchase health insurance are having their massive, misleading worldview exposed. As consumers’ (government mandated) insurance has continued to increase every year, more and more people are having to make the difficult choice between paying the premium for a high cost, high deductible policy, and forgoing treatment. Premiums will continue to go up. Deductibles will increase to save money. But actual health care? That will remain an afterthought. I think we’ll eventually see statistics touting how Obamacare has reduced hospital visits but the reality will be because people can’t afford insurance and visits. And since one is mandated and the other is up to the consumer, we know which one will be neglected. Better hope that pain isn’t something serious…

Welcome to the Affordable Care future.

Wise Man’s Fear of Heights

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Patrick Rothfuss:

“So… yeah. My book has been into space. I’m *so* going to give John Scalzi a hard time about this the next time I see him…

Hold on. It only now occurs to me. Commercial planes don’t fly that high. And I doubt very much that anyone takes novels on rockets due to weight limitations….

That means The Wise Man’s Fear has probably set some sort of weird record. I’d bet a modest amount of money that it might be the first novel in the stratosphere. If not, maybe first hardcover novel. Or.. maybe… First Hardcover Fantasy Novel to Reach Stratosphere Via Balloon?

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Guinness?

You know what? It doesn’t even matter to me. The fact that someone did this with my book is cooler to me than I can express in words. (And when you read that, please consider who is writing it.)”

Read the whole thing

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