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June 4, 2015

My MyRio

Filed under: The R2 Project — jasony @ 10:21 am

Just got an email from my contact at National Instruments. The higher-ups are impressed enough with my R2 project that they want to support it with a MyRio. Completely! Yes, they’re supplying one for free for the project!

So I guess R2 is now “sponsored” by National Instruments? That. Is. So. Cool. The only thing that my contact asked is that I write some posts about how I’m integrating it into the project. But yes, as of now (well, tomorrow when I pick it up), R2 will have a brain courtesy National Instruments. I’ll of course post info here but I’ll also be posting to Instructables and other such sites. Yeah, it’s a quid pro quo, and I’ve never really done sponsored stuff (does this mean I have to write “full disclosure” on everything?). But in all honesty I really do think the MyRio is a great solution for what I want to do. Yes, there are other boxes out there that’ll do the same thing, but at my level of Maker, learning to do the programming with a BeagleBone or similar box was going to be really limiting since I don’t want to become a programmer. The LabView/MyRio combo is perfect. Just enough graphics to make it easy and plenty of power (FPGA! FPGA!) to do some really cool stuff.

I’m still sticking to my modified 4 year plan but now I really want to start working on the electronics stuff. Can’t wait! 🙂

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