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June 5, 2015

There are Many Rio’s, but This One is Mine.

Filed under: The R2 Project — jasony @ 9:33 pm

Tonight I received my MyRio box from National Instruments. I had a fantastic lunch with the N.I. guy where we completely geeked out over what the MyRio box can do in the R2. Initially it was just going to be for sensor data acquisition but after talking to the rep it’s looking like the little box is going to be the main central brain.

This solves many problems: centralization, programming simplicity, power, and connection minimization. Plus, LabView looks like it’ll be just the thing for sensor/servo/motor control. It also contains some rather intriguing features regarding vision analysis, data streaming over the web, wifi/bluetooth integration, and a few other goodies.

Here’s the cool part: National Instruments got wind of my R2 project and was so excited about it that they wanted to supply the MyRio free of charge (street prics is almost $1,000)! They also want me to come to N.I. periodically and participate in their group lunches to update them on the progress. This little R2 is going places!


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