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June 9, 2015

NI Contact

Filed under: The R2 Project — jasony @ 10:18 am

Just got my myRIO the other day and I’ve installed LabVIEW and played with it a bit. I got a wonderful support call from National Instruments just now. The rep asked if I had any questions about myRIO or LabVIEW and wanted to know what my project was. She offered to get me in touch with any resources that I might need to help me learn how to use their stuff.

See, this is how a great company handles consumers. I’m not only really excited about using the myRIO and LabVIEW in R2, but it feels like I have a good support group behind me if I have any questions. She was super excited about the project when I told her what I was making. I’m really looking forward to rolling R2 into the National Instruments headquarters someday.

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