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June 13, 2015

Black and White Thinking

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“What would a university do if an applicant self-identified as ‘black’ on an application but showed up looking ‘white’? And if the university made such a judgment, what on earth would that mean? How would the university defend its belief that a student didn’t ‘look’ black?  What sort of bizarre racial stereotypes would it rely upon in making such an appearance-based judgment? And if the university actually decided to take action against the student for racial misrepresentation, what on earth would that mean? How would the university judge whether the student was really ‘black’?  What percentage of blood would suffice for such a progressive institution? Fifty percent? Ten percent? One percent?

And if an individual, like Rachel Dolezal, has no black ancestry at all, would a progressive/liberal university allow her to self-identify as black, as they would (presumably) do for gender classification, if the student was born male and self-identified as a transgendered male (without yet having any surgery)? After all, the EEOC recently ruled in the Lusardi case that an individual in the Army who was born male, yet self-identified as female (but had not undergone surgery to remove his male genitalia) was to be considered a female and allowed to use the women’s bathroom.

The problem with progressive thinking is that black is white, male is female, and as Orwell observed in 1984, ‘It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.’ After all, if one can destroy words, ‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.’”

Excellent questions that put a fatal stake in the heart of progressive gender/racial/identity thinking. It’s not even reduco ad absurdum. It’s easy to imagine this happening right now in our colleges, and you don’t have to stretch current events or thinking to make it happen. When/if it happens I’m sure you’ll get all sorts of handwringing and clever obfuscatory misdirections, but the folks who espouse these lines of thought are increasingly beclowning themselves with their pretzel logic. The rest of us know. I hope “the rest of us” will soon include college administrators.

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