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June 16, 2015


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“America is the land of opportunity” and “America is a melting pot”
“I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”
“Affirmative action is racist.”
“Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.”
“When I look at you, I don’t see color.”

What our grandparents believed. Common sense, common decency, right? Well, if you have the misfortune of being a student at the University of California, these statements are now officially considered to be microagressions. The administration (headed by former DHS secretary Janet Napolitano) has deemed these, and other common-decency-based statements, to be expressions of microagressions. They are no longer allowed in classrooms in the California public university system.

Groseclose believes political correctness has jumped the shark when it can be considered a harmful “micro-aggression” to say something opposed to racism. He said the climate at universities is now so bad that even some liberal professors operate in fear.

“Just before I left UCLA, a liberal colleague and I talked about how disgusting the new micro-aggression policy is. I asked him if he ever worried about being dragged before some investigatory board via some trumped up charges. He responded, ‘That’s why, around here, I just try to minimize my contact with other humans.’”

Groseclose said he hopes that donors and taxpayers will wise up.

“I wonder if taxpayers realize they’re paying for this,” he said.

We live in the crazy years.

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