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June 19, 2015

Skirt Work

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More work on the skirt. I thought this would take me a few days but it’s turned into over 3 weeks of design, redesign, cut, recut, mistakes, and remakes. I was pretty frustrated tonight when I tried to use the Alumaloy I got in the mail. That stuff stinks. After applying it (correctly, I might add), I put it under just a little bit of pressure and it snapped. Definitely a no-go. Plus, it made a globby mess on the outside of the skirt that I had to sand with a flap sander to remove. Yuck. I did manage (after creating a big mess) to fill the hole created by the welding mistake from last week, though, so there’s that. Still, the Alumaloy was a $17 dead end. Oh well.


So I sat and stewed and aaaalmost decided to go off-plan and just rivet the whole skirt together. But at the last second I decided that I didn’t want tiny 1/8″ rivets showing in a place that nobody will every look. This has got to be perfect and if it’s not, I darn well want it to be because of some unavoidable issue, not just laziness.

So I dumped everything on a table at TechShop and sat an looked at it for a while. And looked, and looked. And finally decided to give my bracket-and-JB Weld plan a try. It was a big goopy mess but eventually I got everything bonded together.


The brackets are inside the skirt and invisible from the outside so I really don’t care what they look like as long as they’re strong! Hopefully this’ll do the trick.

I had to apologize to the employees there as I managed to use nearly every small clamp in the entire shop. But it’s drying now and should be cured in 24 hours. I bought another couple tubes of JB Weld and will run some fillets along the inside joints for strengh once the brackets dry. Then I’ll probably degass the JB in the powdercoating oven at low temp for a few hours and check to make sure the JB doesn’t bubble so that the powder coating won’t have issues when it cures.

But before that I’ll have to cut, tap, and sand 12 vertical details. Ugh. I’m ready to be done with the skirt!

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