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July 2, 2015

R2 Skirt Redux, Redux

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I used the wrong plans. The skirt is wrong. Yes, after all that work – 30 hours of work over a month or so of days – it turns out that R2’s skirt just isn’t going to work. There are clearance issues when I put the skirt on the frame that I just can’t kludge together and make work. Here’s a pic:


There shouldn’t be that gap between the skirt and the frame (keep in mind the whole assembly is upside down in this photo).

It turns out that I was using a slightly modified version of the skirt made to fit a different frame. The external dimensions are correct but the thick piece on the top of that photo above causes alignment issues. I should have used bent sheet metal that would have created a pocket where the posts rest on the skirt, thereby getting rid of that clearance.

So I’m going to have to start completely over on the skirt and remake it. Fortunately I have the waterjet files and the side pieces are correct. I also scored a free piece of metal from Metals4You that was the right size and shape from their cutoff bin. They told me to just take it (guess they appreciate all the metal I’ve already bought from them). The waterjet time will cost about $12 so that’s not a huge loss. More JB Weld cost less than ten bucks.

I will have to go back in and spend some time milling up the thick bottom plate to create pockets for the posts to remove that gap. I’ll also have to shorten the posts slightly (about .2″) to tighten the gap up. Those posts aren’t Canonical since they’re inside supports so I still have a screen-accurate droid. The important part is the shape and size of the visible parts of the skirt.

To be honest I’ve suspected I was going to have to remake the thing for a couple of weeks now. The old skirt was progressively looking worse and worse as I made mistakes and kludged together fixes that caused more errors. Now that I’ve been through the process once I’m confident that I can quickly cut, bend, and assemble the new skirt with minimal fuss. And I still have the old skirt to practice powder coating on so that’s good.

I keep telling myself that I have plenty of time and no real deadline on this (though I would like R2 to be mostly finished by my 50th birthday in Sept. 2019). This is supposed to be fun and a learning experience. I guess that means that I’ll occasionally have to go remake something as I learn my way around mistakes the first time through.

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