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July 6, 2015

Skirt Gap

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I got rid of the gap! I spent a couple of hours on the manual mill and lathe last night (I’ve gotten pretty good at setting those machines up and have fun working on them). I was able to create pockets on the backside of the thick piece that accept the short rods. I also shortened the rods slightly to tighten up the gap. There was a small problem with insetting the screws (the non-threaded part of the screw punches too far through the hole and keeps the rod from tightening down all the way). I’ll go back in today and taper the threaded screw hole in the short rods to get rid of that problem.

What this means is that I can now JB Weld the thick part onto the skirt surround. I’m one step closer to finishing the skirt. After the JB Weld dries I’ll apply LabMetal and let that cure (it should be here today). Then I can start making the little vertical details (this pic grabbed from online):


I have to cut the bar so that the top slope is 53 degrees and the bottom is 36 degrees, then I’ll drill 2 holes and tap them, then temporarily fasten them in the exact location onto the surround, use a center punch to mark the holes, and then drill those holes out. Then it’s a simple matter to screw the pieces to the surround from the inside. I’ll have to smear Lab Metal on the screw holes to cover them up and then sand everything to make it look good.

It’s a lot of work but each step is straightforward. I have to hand tap 24 holes with #4/40 1/4″ machine screws (hmm… have to buy some of those). By this point tapping screws scares me not a bit. I’m really good at it. I just put on a good podcast and get into a nice Zen state and a few hours later they’re done.

I’m shooting to have the skirt done within the next 2 weeks…. hopefully.

I need to start some research into what I’ll need to buy to get the finishing done on the frame. I’m going to sand and polish every piece until it sparkles and then get it all anodized. Then the lasering.

Hopefully it’ll be done by Sept 1st but I’m not going to rush it. It has to be right, not just fast.

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