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May 22, 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook Pounds Another Nail Into the Keynesian Coffin

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Pounds Another Nail Into the Keynesian Coffin: “Assuming Cook chose to expose all of Apple’s earnings to U.S. taxation he would not only have been fired, but it’s also the case that the revolutionary creator of iPhones and iPads would have less in the way of funds to access in order to continue to innovate.”

May 10, 2012

Prophet of Profit

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Jobs was sometimes criticized for not being a philanthropist along the lines of Bill Gates. Take this article, for example:

Last year the founder of the Stanford Social Innovation Review called Apple one of “America’s Least Philanthropic Companies.” Jobs had terminated all of Apple’s long-standing corporate philanthropy programs within weeks after returning to Apple in 1997, citing the need to cut costs until profitability rebounded. But the programs have never been restored.

CNN, being CNN, misses the point. Mr. Jobs’s contribution to the world is Apple and its products, along with Pixar and his other enterprises, his 338 patented inventions — his work — not some Steve Jobs Memorial Foundation for Giving Stuff to Poor People in Exotic Lands and Making Me Feel Good About Myself. Because he already did that: He gave them better computers, better telephones, better music players, etc. In a lot of cases, he gave them better jobs, too. Did he do it because he was a nice guy, or because he was greedy, or because he was a maniacally single-minded competitor who got up every morning possessed by an unspeakable rage to strangle his rivals? The beauty of capitalism — the beauty of the iPhone world as opposed to the world of politics — is that that question does not matter one little bit. Whatever drove Jobs, it drove him to create superior products, better stuff at better prices. Profits are not deductions from the sum of the public good, but the real measure of the social value a firm creates. Those who talk about the horror of putting profits over people make no sense at all. The phrase is without intellectual content.

read the whole thing

October 12, 2011

Who Says Emotion and Logic Don’t Go Together?

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I’ve been living with the music program Logic on a daily basis for about 18 months now and not a day goes by when I don’t yell out “I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!” Huge, huge thanks to the brilliant engineers and designers for all the little things. Is it perfect? Nope, but it’s so, so much better than I was using before. Incredibly flexible, massively powerful (I almost never stress it out), and I’m still discovering little things that make me fist pump the air and shout “YES!”. As fond as I am of Studio Vision Pro I could never go back.

So glad I made the switch.

October 5, 2011


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August 15, 2011

Apple Idea

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Dear Apple, here’s an idea: how about putting those nifty 3g chips that are in your iPhone and iPads, the ones that let users pay AT&T or Verizon a monthly fee for internet access, into your laptops? It’s hard on us laptop owners out here. Instead of lurking outside of Starbucks or Schlotzky’s restaurants for free wifi, many of us would be happy to pay $25 for a month of internet access (with the 5gb limit). You already let iPad users do this exact same thing. How about throwing laptop users some love?

It would be a great way to get some more ongoing revenue from your mobile users. Heck, a monthly $25 charge when traveling would be WAY cheaper than all the Starbucks that we’ve already bought. And probably better for us than all that caffeine.


June 11, 2011


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June 5, 2011

Merry Pranksters

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Cheeky! And fun.

March 31, 2011

World Backup Day

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Today is World Backup Day. How ironic that the hard drive in Erin’s iMac just died! Good thing we’ve got Time Machine on it. Now we get to see how well it works.

We’re probably going to spring for professional installation of the new hard drive. I’ve looked up the directions to replacing the HD in her model of iMac and, wow, yeah… not going there. Better to pay somebody else the money to do it professionally. I trust my mad screwdriver skillz, but one slip up and we’re buying a whole new machine. No thanks.

Have you backed up your data lately? I just got a second 2TB hard drive to go with my first one and everything is backed up six ways from Sunday, so I think I’m covered. Still… wouldn’t hurt to burn the Quicken data to CD again, would it?

March 25, 2011


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Well, we did it. Finally got an iPad. We both really wanted the iPad 2, but Verizon was blowing out gen 1 iPads for almost half price, so with that incentive we went out and got the last 32gb model available in central Texas. It’s sitting here on the desk updating and downloading. Preeeetttyyy…

We’d have loved the camera, but basically saved $300+ just by opting for the 1st generation. It was a really great deal and let us take advantage of a box of goodies that was just sent by a very cool (but shall remain anonymous) friend. Thanks, friend!

Can’t wait to download the Logic controller app for this thing. That way I can justify its purchase as a business expense. Right? Right? 🙂

March 2, 2011

iPad 2

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Okay, okay. I give in!

December 10, 2010

Another Reason to Get an iPad

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Tascam Portastudio 4 recreation.

November 6, 2010


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Hmmm…. iOs 4.2 will support a full-blown Midi spec. veeerry interesting.

September 14, 2010

Logic Breakthroughs

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If you’ve been keeping up to date (hi mom), I’ve been working on Logic for a while now, trying to wrap my head around how the program works and what it is capable of. Today, for the first time, I feel like I really have this thing under my fingertips. I don’t have to go looking in the manual for short commands, or trying to figure out how the program routes signal, or devise a workaround for something I used to do with Vision. Not only that, but I’ve broken down a serious mental wall and gotten into some of Logic’s more esoteric and powerful capabilities.

I continue to be impressed with this program- not only what it’s capable of, but of the thought that Apple put into it. There are still a few little annoyances that I’m having to work around, and one or two things I would change, but, wow, does my stuff sound better.

It was worth the effort!

May 26, 2010

Market Cap

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Apple Computer surpasses Microsoft in total market capitalization.

May 24, 2010

Okay, DON’T Take My Money

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We skipped the series finale of Lost last night due to a work party, so we were going to do what we always do and catch it on Instead, we decided to ante up the three bucks for the full HD iTunes download so we could get it without commercials or without annoying stream pauses at critical moments (something that’s happened a lot in the past).

So I open iTunes on the mini downstairs and try to buy the last episode of Lost. Sorry, you must be upgraded to the latest version of iTunes to download content. Oh, okay. Twenty minutes later I’ve installed the newest iTunes and try to buy it again.

Sorry, you must have version 4 or greater of Safari to use the iTunes music store. Huh? The ITMS doesn’t even open Safari, and I use Firefox anyway. Grr…. So I go online again and update Safari. Whew. Okay Apple, here’s my money.

Sorry, this version of Safari does not work with your version of OS X. Please update your OS. AARGH!

I’m loathe to update the OS because the home automation software that runs the house on that computer works great, and doing OS updates has tended to make things unreliable in the past.

Look, I understand that you want to keep the user experience reliable, Apple, and one of the ways you do this is by making sure people’s software is up to date. But I seem to be running into this sort of thing a lot more lately, and I can’t help but wonder if there’s something else going on. Why all of a sudden have your engineers lost the ability to make stuff work well across a couple of different iterations of the software?

And before you think it’s because Apple just wants to stick me with a paid update to the OS or something, in fairness I have to say that all the updates I’d be required to do would be free inter-version updates (4.5.1 to 4.5.4, for example). Still it’s a hassle to have to keep all this stuff current across three machines. I would set stuff to auto update, but I’ve been burned in the past when a machine has updated software and broken a current application (Studio Vision Pro, Finale, etc) that I rely on absolutely for my income. I’d rather have control over my system, get things functioning smoothly, and then leave it alone until my season ends.

There’s got to be a better way. Maybe Virtual Machining is the answer?

May 22, 2010

End of an Era

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If three years can be an era. I’ll miss these!

May 12, 2010

Soundtrack Pro

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Props to the Soundtrack Pro team at Apple. I’ve spent a lot of time in the program lately, and it’s very nicely done. It has a lot of useful little tools for dialog editing, foley work, and general mixing. It’s still got some quirks, and some things I would love to change, but now that I’ve cut my teeth on it, I’m really impressed with the way they manage workflow and assets. Way to go, Apple!

April 3, 2010

Apple Just Sold another iPad

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iPad MIDI/DAW Control Surface. For $9.99 (well, plus the iPad), you can get functionality that would cost you a whole lot more in a closed ended, non-updatable hardware control surface. Sold.

March 31, 2010

The iPad Cometh

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Xeni Jardin reviews one (hey! How’d she get one?)

March 10, 2010


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Holding the Apple naysayers accountable. This is why I love the internet: it makes people stand by what they said! heh.

iPad release soon!

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