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October 29, 2013

Shapeoko 2!

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The Shapeoko 2 desktop CNC 3d milling machine.

October 27, 2013


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I finally got to take this Tormach CNC machine course today at TechShop (courtesy of a free course I won for winning a woodworking contest there a few weeks ago). What an amazing machine! feed it instructions, set it up correctly, and watch it machine a hunk of metal into a part. Stupendous.

September 21, 2013


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Been doing a lot of Illustrator work lately and I’m really enjoying learning the program. It makes even artistically-challenged people like me able to make nice illustrations, and it’s almost required to use many of the machines at TechShop. To that end, here are

95 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

September 11, 2013

Ethereal Fishtanks

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Neat combination of technology, visual slight of hand, and unexpected materials.

The Ethereal Fishtank Landscapes of Kim Keever

September 9, 2013

Hand of Man

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September 3, 2013

A Wooden Boat Story

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Wherein a guy who’s been in the wooden boat business for a century finally decides to build his own vessel by hand. Three years and countless trees later he put to sea in a 50 foot sloop you have to see to believe. All the more wonderful because he did it himself.

The video may require a subscription to watch but I just gave it a junk account. Well worth the viewing if you have the time (90 minutes)


August 29, 2013

Tower Man

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Guy builds a tower. Because, why not? After seeing it, I’ll bet you want one too.

“Aside from the personal reward in seeing the progress each day, there is the sense of achievement you get when working on a project,” he says.

“I think my most exciting moment was when I had finished the top floor and I got a chair up there and I just sat down and looked out from my tower. The rest of it was not really sorted and I had mess everywhere, but that was when it became very real.

“I just sat up there and thought ‘this is fantastic – I made it.’ It’s a great feeling.”

Lots of pics at the link.

August 28, 2013

Clock Update

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Bezos Backed 10,000 Year Clock Site Preparation and Fabrication Underway: “If you were worth a million dollars, you might buy a fine watch to measure time. Rolex, Breitling, Seiko, this watch could run a couple thousand dollars. If you’re Jeff Bezos, you spend $42 million on a 200-foot clock inside a mountain, engineered to withstand Armageddon and tick 10,000 years.”

August 25, 2013

Jerry’s World

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I found this strangely affecting, emotional, and beautiful. I don’t know why.

August 1, 2013

3D Printing an Aston Martin

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MAKE | 3D Printing an Aston Martin:

“This sort of project is not uncommon, but people usually use get the plug CNC-cut out of foam. I was told to expect $12K to $15K NZD for a CNC-cut plug, which nearly killed the project idea but, somehow, I had the thought to look into 3D printing as an alternative and, after researching it, it was only going to cost me $2K in plastic and the cost of the printer, which I can use for other things like making a replica dash and what not. Also, with printing, I could do the doors, bonnet, boot, dash as separate plugs, which will make a better (or at least easier) body shell.”

(Via .)

A 3-D Printer Can Pay For Itself In Less Than A Year | Popular Science

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A 3-D Printer Can Pay For Itself In Less Than A Year | Popular Science: ”

Routine questions for the makers of desktop 3-D printers: ‘what do you do with this thing?’ and ‘why would you want one?’ A study from Michigan Technical University answered that with some math: the researchers found that you could recoup the up-front cost of a 3-D printer in less than a year. The researchers used a RepRap printer and printed about 20 household items, from shower rings to iPhone cases, and found that the total cost of material swas about $18. (It’s a bit of a change from this cool stuff.) The ‘lowest retail cost we could find for the same items online was $312 and the highest was $1,943,’ said Joshua Pierce, one of the researchers. The study projected that a 3-D printer could could save consumers between $300 and $2,000 a year.”

A lot of assumptions in that conclusion (see the article for what they are), but it’s instructive and encouraging taht 3D printing is holding onto its life and becoming more useful (and not, as I had feared, become a fad like 3DTV or Virtual Reality).

July 19, 2013

Jurassic Parts

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Dinosaur Puzzle Sculpture – Neatorama: “”

Not that it means anything, but for the record, I thought of this idea about three years ago when I was going to build props for a dinosaur act.

June 19, 2013

Fixit Felix

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We Need a Fixer (Not Just a Maker) Movement:

“Madison Sheffield cracks open a toaster oven, jams her hand inside, then turns on the power. It looks like she’s about to electrocute herself, but she seems unfazed. ‘Thermostat or heating element?’ Sheffield mutters, yanking on wires and poking around with a multimeter.

‘Why isn’t this working?’ She isn’t the only one in this crowded room trying to get busted hardware working. A few feet away, a trio of people are elbow-deep in a vintage VCR, and there’s another team performing surgery on a lava lamp. It’s a typical meeting of the Fixer’s Collective, an ad hoc group of tinkerers in Brooklyn. Once a month, in an art gallery, they offer to repair anything neighbors can carry. People troop in with PCs, lamps, appliances — piles of stuff we typically pitch in the garbage at the first hint of trouble. As I watch for three hours, the fixers get everything up and running (except the lava lamp).

The spectacle of dead goods coming back to life isn’t just useful — for the locals, it’s transformative. ‘I was a totally different person after they fixed my laptop,’ says Nicole DeLuca, a filmmaker who had her MacBook repaired last year. ‘It made me realize I didn’t need to buy new every time something breaks.’”

MakerBot Merging With Stratasys

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MakerBot Merging With Stratasys – Slashdot: “MakerBot Industries, creators of the popular Thing-O-Matic and Replicator line of 3-D printers, is being acquired by Stratasys, a company that’s been working on 3-D printing and production systems since 1989. “

h/t Sean.

from an email I sent His Seanness:

Bre Pettis just got rich. Good for him.

I’m initially inclined to bemoan this, but after seeing the huge number of new 3D printers at the TechShop open house (not to mention the number of huge 3D printers), I’m just excited to see lots of churn in the market. Tons of innovation, creative destruction, and ideas floating around— and the price keeps coming down. Hooray free market!

May 23, 2013

Word of the Day

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One Day Builds

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One Day Builds: Adam Savage Makes Something Wonderful from Scratch

Huge thanks to Josh for the link. I could watch this sort of stuff all day if it didn’t inspire me to get out into the shop and actually build something.


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These Sculptures Are Made Entirely of Wood


May 22, 2013

Great Advice

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“Never Just Remember How to Do Something, Understand How It Works”: “When you know how to do something, you have a skill. When you understand how something works, you can alter that knowledge and adapt it for your best uses. This gives you confidence and the ability to grow. It’s also the best piece of advice developer Matrin Rue received from his grandfather. He explains its importance:

If you simply remember how to do something, then all you can do is use it the same way over and over, but if you understand how it works, you can reason about it. Once you can reason about something in your mind you can contemplate why it is the way it is, you can apply your entire creative mind to making the most of it, and you can implement and question improvement – you own it intellectually. Information only gets you so far. Learn how things work and you can expand upon them infinitely.”

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Use Your Hands

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10 Tools Every Kid Should Learn to Use – Popular Mechanics: “Start ’em young. If you want to raise a self-reliant kid, get these tools into their hands. “

May 17, 2013


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A teardown of the new FormLabs Form 1 3d printer (with lasers!)

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