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April 2, 2013

The Bible vs. The Heart

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For well over a generation, we have been living on “cut-flower ethics.” We have removed ethics from the Bible-based soil that gave them life and think they can survive removed from that soil. Fools and those possessing an arrogance bordering on self-deification think we will long survive as a decent society without teaching the Bible and without consulting it for moral guidance and wisdom.

The Bible vs. Heart

March 31, 2013


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“Freedom to order our own conduct in the sphere where material circumstances force a choice upon us, and responsibility for the arrangement of our own life according to our own conscience, is the air in which alone moral sense grows and in which moral values are daily recreated in the free decision of the individual.”

Friedrich A. von Hayek,

February 3, 2013

So What?

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How Do We Respond to ‘So What?’

January 21, 2013

Picasso, Kepler, and the Benefits of Being an Expert Generalist :: Articles :: 99U

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Picasso, Kepler, and the Benefits of Being an Expert Generalist :: Articles :: 99U: “One thing that separates the great innovators from everyone else is that they seem to know a lot about a wide variety of topics. They are expert generalists. Their wide knowledge base supports their creativity. As it turns out, there are two personality traits that are key for expert generalists: Openness to Experience and Need for Cognition. Openness to Experience is one of the Big Five personality characteristics identified by psychologists. The Big Five are the characteristics that reflect the biggest differences between people in the way they act. Openness to Experience is the degree to which a person is willing to consider new ideas and opportunities. Some people enjoy the prospect of doing something new and thinking about new things. Other people prefer to stick with familiar ideas and activities. As you might expect, high levels of Openness to Experience can sometimes be related to creativity. After all, being creative requires doing something that has not been done before. If you are not willing to do something new, then it’s hard to be creative.”

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December 21, 2012


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A journalist self-examines about the media vultures at Sandy Hill.

October 23, 2012

Good Advice

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Left in the kitchen by Erin. She knows I tend to get working and forget to eat.


October 20, 2012


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“Nothing is true merely because it is eloquently said, nor false because the signs coming from the lips make sounds deficient in a sense of style. … Wisdom and foolishness are like food that is nourishing or useless. Whether the words are ornate or not does not decide the issue.”


October 9, 2012

The Man Who Volunteered for Auschwitz

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Witold Pilecki

October 8, 2012


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“It has been true in the U.S., for a long time, that most voters want to cut government spending, yet spending inexorably rises. It turns out that this is more or less a universal phenomenon: government spending increases irrespective of voters’ desire that it do so. Why this is true is a large topic, but it seems that at least part of the answer is that the New Class that has sprung up across the modern world is still firmly in the saddle and is exploiting the rest of us at an ever-increasing rate.”


September 21, 2012

Tell All

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An Interview with Teller.

September 19, 2012

A Love Story in 22 Pictures

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Wonder why my screen suddenly went all blurry…

A Love Story in 22 Pictures.

September 11, 2012


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I know a lot of you aren’t believers, and my deepest beliefs are none of your business, but like many writers I end up thinking of G-d as an author. Impossible not to, of course, since it’s the mind set I know best. (Though standing in the middle of the yard, looking up at the sky and going “Does THAT sound like a good plot development? Seriously? Why don’t you join a workshop already?” tends to baffle the neighbors.)

And as an author to an Author I have to admire the plotting touch, where the three burly and brave guys who spearheaded the fight back in flight 93 were a born again man, a Jewish man, and a gay man. Can you imagine any group designed to give more heart burn to the enemies that brought down the towers and who tried to use flight 93 as a weapon?

I can’t either. But, more importantly, I can’t imagine any other culture, any other country, any other place where those three would have banded together, immediately – instinctively – putting aside any perceived differences, thinking only of trying to save the defenseless, laying down their lives for others.

Their lives were forfeit, but they died free men. They died heroes. More importantly, they died Americans.

Surely a nation that produces such men will not perish from this Earth.

We will not go quietly into that good night.

We’re the land of the free and the home of the brave. And we will stand.

Read the whole thing

July 9, 2012


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Do you suffer from OCS? Is this just my passive-aggressive way of letting you know? 🙂

May 28, 2012

What are the tax implications of the zombie apocalypse?

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May 23, 2012

Thick as a Brick

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Parents take aim at proposed gun range near elementary school: “”

What the article conveniently forgets to mention is that, according to public records, the proposed gun range is not “right next door” to the elementary school, but almost a quarter mile away.

Oh, and also the gun range is indoors.



May 8, 2012

Paraolympic Poster

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Now this is a great poster.

April 10, 2012

A Simple Chart

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Remember this the next time you hear the news bellowing about European indebtedness, austerity, and bailouts. Guess things are going to be fine, eh?


February 28, 2012


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There aren’t many times you can look back on your life and say with certainty that a decision changed you. Usually we exist in the sort of gray muddle of cause and effect that you can’t notice (see Sliding Doors). But today is such a day.

20 years ago today Erin and I started dating. Having the DTR talk while sitting on a park bench on the side of a river (a propitiuous location if you know me) and making a commitment to give a relationship a try. 20 years ago I won a best friend for life. She’s talented, beautiful, funny, caring, compassionate, a good listener, and a loyal friend. She’s not just everything I could have wanted in a partner, she’s more than I could have ever imagined in one. 20 years ago today I won the biggest lottery of my life and I wouldn’t change a single thing. I love you, Erin.

More Cowbell! I.jpg

December 28, 2011

On Target

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December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

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